Let Me Tell You About The Little Sanctuary In My Favorite Place

When my mom was my only best friend, she use to take me on many little adventures. One day she brought me far out west and down south to Homestead, and we went to Robert’s Is Here. Robert’s Is Here  is a local fruit stand in Homestead, their fruits are grown locally and they have the best freakin milkshakes.

fullsizeoutput_1862 So, Iv’e always had a fondness for this southern part of Florida, the long roads and vast stretches of land for farming. Anyway, I was skimming through my facebook feed, and I see the cutest pictures with Homestead in the title. I’m always finding a reason to drive down south, whether it’s the famous cinnamon buns at Knaus Berry Farm or seeing the Everglades. So, I search on google for this place called “Patch of Heaven Sanctuary.” The pictures just captured me, I had never heard of this place and I had to find a way to visit it. I looked for their Instagram page and found their number listed in the bio. The only unfortunate thing is, the sanctuary isn’t open to the public so you have to make an appointment to visit. I scheduled it on the day of my birthday.


As, I’m getting ready, prepping myself for the gorgeous photos I’m about to take, I get a phone call. The woman who was suppose to give me a tour was stuck in Chicago and couldn’t make it on time for my tour. I explained to her that it was my birthday today and if there was anyway she could find anyone to show me around. After 30 excruciating minutes of waiting to see if she found someone, she called back with good news. Her associate Gretchen would be taking me and my friend Mariam on a tour through the sanctuary.

Upon arriving to the sanctuary, I was greeted by Gretchen and followed her into the second main house on the property. My friend Mariam and I signed a guestbook, and used the hidden bathroom before proceeding to our tour.


First, Gretchen brought us through the horse stables in the back of the house.


She then walked us over to the beautiful and blue koi ponds.


We then proceeded to a meeting room which contained outrageous decor.


And then we saw the outdoor seating area, where they grind up cacao beans and supposedly make delicious chocolatey coffee.


At this point we just looked at every aspect of the house and explored the grounds.


I saw an Elvis inspired lounge, with an old jukebox that still works. I saw the brides suite which is only used when weddings take place at the property. I also sneaked around the library which had a bar in it. Explored the cabin in the woods, which was previously occupied by the owners son. And took a picture with a gigantic Buddha statue that was located in their asian inspired pond area. I lastly saw the sanctuary for Florida bats, which they are currently still working on. It is a big dome like cave in which the bats sleep in and populate.

IMG_4545 At some point I got tired of taking pictures and was soon ready to head home. I paid my donation to Gretchen and left the sanctuary with many beautiful pictures and an experience like no other. All in all, Homestead will forever be one of my favorite places in Florida and for all these reasons it should be yours as well.


Insta: ryan.mberry


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